Whiteboard Marker Refill Cartridges – 4 Colour Choices – Box Price (12 Pack)

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Snowman whiteboard marker refill cartridges.

Snowman refill cartridges can be used in any of our Snowman refillable markers.

Replacement markers are available: Round Tip, Chisel Tip, Jumbo Bullet Tip.

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Snowman whiteboard marker refill cartridges come in 4 must-have colour choices; Red, Blue, Green and Black.

To be used with our snowman refillable markers; an excellent all-round marker.

Benefits of our refillable snowman whiteboard markers include:

  • Low odour
  • Dry-erase ink
  • Smudge resistant
  • Xylene & Toluene free
  • Eco-friendly; made from 70% recycled plastics

These cartridges are super easy to replace:

  1. Hold marker nib down
  2. Twist cover anti-clockwise to remove
  3. Twist spent cartridge anti-clockwise to remove
  4. Put new cartridge into cover, insert and twist both clockwise until cover clicks into place.

Our Snowman markers are high quality markers made in Japan.

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