Whiteboard Markers – Round Tip – Wallet 4 Pack

$9.94 excl GST

Snowman whiteboard marker with a round tip.

This wallet of 4 will give you one marker of each colour: Black, Blue, Green, and Red.

Boxes of 12 are available at discounted prices here

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 $9.94
5+ 35.61 % $6.40

Snowman Whiteboard Markers – Round Tip come in 4 must-have colour choices; Red, Blue, Green and Black.

They are an excellent all-round marker.

Benefits of our snowman whiteboard markers include:

  • Low odour
  • Dry-erase ink
  • Smudge resistant
  • Cap off time; up to 24 hours
  • Writing length; 1200-1400m
  • Xylene & Toluene free.

Our Snowman markers are high quality markers made in Japan.

Also available as a single marker (4 colours available), or a box of 12 (single colour).

As well as the Snowman whiteboard round tip markers; we have Snowman chisel tip markers (9 colours available) and Snowman refillable markers (4 colours available).


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