Large Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

$4.39 excl GST


A true product for meeting the Kiwi needs, made especially for the people who like a large eraser to clean whiteboards.

This product is was requested by schools as requiring a large erasing area.

Ideal to use with Porcelain enamel and acrylic Whiteboards. The strong magnet hidden inside the pad is made to hold to any magnetic whiteboard but not magnetic glass whiteboards

These are priced very competitively and are easily replaced as a disposable item. Your eraser will always look good.

Most school like a large magnetic whiteboard eraser. Ideal use for schools and offices.

Robust design and frim structure.

We have a large range of whiteboard erasers for both porcelain and glass whiteboards.

Large Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

Quality economy disposable eraser which is easy to hold.

Most school like a large eraser. Ideal use for schools and offices.

155mm long x 54mm wide x 44mm high

If you require a Magnetic eraser which holds whiteboards markers see our SE103.



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