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The Whiteboard NZ (WBNZ) School Reward Programme

The Whiteboard NZ School Reward Programme

Giving back to New Zealand Schools for over 10 years.

Welcome to Whiteboard [WBNZ] NZ School Rewards Programme. Previously known as the Display Products Loyalty Points Programme. Now with a new brand to make things as easy as possible for our schools and customers to find us.

We are proud to be a New Zealand family owned & operated business and we also love to support our schools as much as possible.  Our bulk school prices, our promotions and our Rewards Programme all help us to do that.

All our schools can make orders and pay on account. We will dispatch your order as soon as we can and email the invoice to the school. Sometimes it’s the little things that help the most.

WBNZ Reward Programme – How it works

When your school buys any purchase from Whiteboard NZ you will automatically earn Reward Points for your school. (There are a few exclusions – see below)

Your school will accrue Reward Points every time you purchase. These points will accumulate and be credited to your Whiteboard NZ credit account.

Signing up for WBNZ Reward Programme

Great news! All schools; primary, intermediate and secondary are already signed up for the programme. You don’t have to do anything but send in your orders!

For more information phone our team on 0800 844 866.

Earning WBNZ Reward Points

When you place an order on our website;  or by email; [email protected]  or by phone 0800 844 866, you automatically earn points.

To find out how much your school will earn from purchases call or email us to discuss today

1 Loyalty point = $1.00

WBNZ Reward Points will credited to your school every 4 months. End of March, July & November each year

e.g.: What is purchased from August to end of November, points will accumulate and be put as credit on your school credit account at the end of December.

Reward Points expire after 12 months if not used.

Using WBNZ Reward Points

Whatever credit is put onto your school credit account will automatically be taken off your next purchase. You don’t have to do anything, all the work is done for you. You can ring our friendly team anytime to see what credit you have available on phone 0800 844 866.

Sorry, Rewards Points credits can not be exchanged for cash refunds.

Purchase exclusions

You don’t earn points on, freight charges or service fees such as installation charges etc..

General Terms & Conditions

The WBNZ Reward Points programme is free.

Reward Points are forfeited if the account becomes overdue. (Account not paid by 30th of month following date of purchase)

WBNZ reserves the right to revise, cancel or withdraw the Reward Programme at any time without prior notice.

Purchases under $40 + GST will not accrue WBNZ Reward Points.

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