Whiteboard markers -Various colours
Whiteboard markers -Various colours

Snowman Whiteboard marker with dry-erase ink. Low odour, Xylene & Toluene free. Made in Japan.

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Wyp Mag eraser 3
Whiteboard Eraser


A true product of Kiwi ingenuity, crafted right here in NZ.

The Innovative WYP ACTIVE FIBRE™ pad produces an active cleaning surface using thousands of tiny vertical fibres. The lush rich foam fibre composite pad is coated with a non-absorbent fibre so the ink just brushes off, leaving the surface of the eraser clean for a very long time. No need to ever replace an eraser pad again!

Ideal to use with Glass Whiteboards. The super-strong Neo magnet hidden inside the pad is made to hold to any magnetic whiteboard even magnetic glass whiteboards

Eco friendly timber handle, save our oceans!

The solid timber refreshingly brings nature into your workspace with this natural wooden handle sourced from our sustainable plantations here in NZ!

You’ll have the cleanest whiteboard you’ve ever had! The fibre coating on the foam pad is slightly abrasive, softly cutting the ink from your whiteboard, giving your whiteboard a micro cut and polish in the process. You’ll have the cleanest, glossiest whiteboard you’ve ever had!

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Acrylic Double-sided A3 Whiteboard
Acrylic Double-sided A3 Whiteboard

WITAX™ Magnetic Double-sided Whiteboard 300x400mm with Plastic frame, 4 colour options. 5 year Surface Guarantee.

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Acrylic Double-sided A4 Whiteboard
Acrylic Double-sided A4 Whiteboard 

WITAX™ Double-sided Whiteboard 200x300mm, lined 1 side. Comes with Marker pen and built in holder. 1 year Surface Guarantee.

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Handwriting whiteboard magnet
Handwriting whiteboard magnet
Lined Writing Magnet

Handwriting whiteboard magnet with 6cm line height with dashed line in centre. 500x700mm overall. Sticks to your whiteboard or other steel surfaces

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Whiteboard Eraser Refillable
Whiteboard Eraser – Refillable

Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser with 6 felt pads

Pads hold to the eraser with Velcro so you just peel it off when the pads become full

Product size; 54mm wide, 118mm long, 20mm high

Available in 4 colours

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Grid whiteboard magnet
Grid whiteboard magnet
Grid Writing Magnet

Grid whiteboard magnet with 5cm squares for equations or drawing. Reuseable Dry erase surface 500x700mm overall. Flexible magnet that sticks to your whiteboard or other steel surfaces

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