Product Questions & Answers - Whiteboards NZ

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What is a glass whiteboard?

A glass whiteboard is an ultra-smooth safety glass writing surface. They usually have frameless polished edges and come with a system to mount them to a wall.

Can you get different types of glass whiteboards?

Yes, there are various types of glass whiteboards however the actual writing surface performs the same on each type. Clear or frosted glass whiteboards are transparent or semi-opaque like a window.

Are glass whiteboards safe to use?

Yes. Glass whiteboards are made from safety glass which is toughened glass and highly resistant to breakage. Safety glass is very flexible so it you hit the surface it just deflects.

What is whiteboard paint ?

Our Smart Whiteboard Paint kit is a commercial grade whiteboard paint that transforms any smooth surface into a dry erase area with just one coat.

Why buy whiteboard paint?

Smart Whiteboard Paint is a high performance dry erase paint that can transform any smooth surface into a writable area.

How to use whiteboard paint

Our Smart Whiteboard Paint – White does not require professional installation. Anyone can apply this dry erase paint. It is important that your surface is smooth before application.