Magnetic Buttons
Magnetic Buttons
MAGNET BUTTONS -Multiple colours and sizes

Button magnets. Available in red, yellow, green, blue, pink, black in 20mm diameter & pink or black in 30mm diameter . Suitable for steel surfaces such as Porcelain or Acrylic whiteboards

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Magnetic Button Magnets

Super strong neo magnets suitable for Prowite magnetic glass boards.

Available in yellow for 30mm and  in 4 colours in 20mm.

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Whiteboard starter kit. 1:1
Whiteboard starter kit.

Everything you need to use your whiteboard – 4 Markers, Penholder, Eraser and 2 Magnet buttons

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Wyp Mag eraser 3
Whiteboard Eraser


A true product of Kiwi ingenuity, crafted right here in NZ.

The Innovative WYP ACTIVE FIBRE™ pad produces an active cleaning surface using thousands of tiny vertical fibres. The lush rich foam fibre composite pad is coated with a non-absorbent fibre so the ink just brushes off, leaving the surface of the eraser clean for a very long time. No need to ever replace an eraser pad again!

Ideal to use with Glass Whiteboards. The super-strong Neo magnet hidden inside the pad is made to hold to any magnetic whiteboard even magnetic glass whiteboards

Eco friendly timber handle, save our oceans!

The solid timber refreshingly brings nature into your workspace with this natural wooden handle sourced from our sustainable plantations here in NZ!

You’ll have the cleanest whiteboard you’ve ever had! The fibre coating on the foam pad is slightly abrasive, softly cutting the ink from your whiteboard, giving your whiteboard a micro cut and polish in the process. You’ll have the cleanest, glossiest whiteboard you’ve ever had!

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Whiteboard Cleaner
Whiteboard Cleaner

Whiteboard Cleaner in 250ml spray bottle

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Magnetic Pen Holder
Marker Pen Holder

Keep 4 Whiteboard Markers near at hand, 2 options; with magnets or with suction cups. The magnetic option is not suitable for glass whiteboards

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Push Pin
Skittle Magnets for glass whiteboards
Glass Board Skittle Magnets

Magnets – Suitable for Magnetic Glass boards. N52 neo type.

Skittle shape (Push pin) 12 mm diameter x 16 mm with chrome finish. A real classy look. Easy to hold.

Available singly or packets of 10.

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Magnet 2 cm & 3cm pack of 12
Magnet 2 cm & 3cm pack of 12
MAGNET BUTTONS -Assorted colours

Button magnets in packs of 12. Available in 20mm & 30mm diameter.

Each packs contains 3 red, 3 yellow, 3 green & 3 blue magnets.

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Whiteboard Eraser Refillable
Whiteboard Eraser – Refillable

Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser with 6 felt pads

Pads hold to the eraser with Velcro so you just peel it off when the pads become full

Product size; 54mm wide, 118mm long, 20mm high

Available in 4 colours

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Smart vinyl over vinyl wallpaper adhesive
Smart Vinyl over Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive

Smart Vinyl over Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive is a high performing ready mixed wallpaper paste that has been formulated to be used with all Smarter Surfaces functional wallpapers.

Suitable for vinyls, overlapping and sticking to gloss surfaces, Smart Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive can be used with any wallpaper that requires a high strength adhesive. Simply apply one light coat before applying your wallpaper to the wall and add additional adhesive where necessary. Each tub covers an area of 12m² or 24m².

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Smart clear whiteboard paint primer
Smart wall paint clear primer sealer
Smart Clear Primer

Smart Clear Primer is specially formulated, fast drying transparent primer ideal for sealing porous and new surfaces in preparation for our transparent whiteboard paint. Smart Clear Primer, a transparent coating, seals the surface before application.

It is low odour and suitable for plaster, drywall, wood, wallpaper and other dry or absorbent surfaces.

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White primer dry erase paint primer whiteboard walls
Paint primer dry erase paint primer whiteboard paint primer
Smart White Primer

Smart White Primer is a high performance fast drying primer specially formulated to work as a base for all Smarter Surfaces products. It has a high pigment content and uses a very high quality resin, which is essential for eliminating uneven and strongly coloured bases.

Critically, it also seals the surface before application of any of our functional coatings. This ensures the coating is not absorbed into the surface, for maximum performance.

Smart White Primer is an essential step before applying whiteboard paint or projector paint.

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