Melamine Double-sided A3 Whiteboard 

$13.50 excl GST

WITAX™ Double-sided Whiteboard 300 x 400mm, plain white both sides. Comes with free marker pen available and has built-in pen holder loop. 1 year Surface Guarantee.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 5 $13.50
6 - 17 $13.54
18+ 4.74 % $12.86

WITAX™ Dry-erase handheld double-sided A3 whiteboard 300 x 400mm, gloss white both sides. Marker pen available and has built in holder.

Try our mini snowman markers – they’re only 10cm long making them perfect for little hands

Ideal for classroom use as a large handheld show-me board.

Excellent quality 5 mm thick MDF core so is very durable – probably the best on the market.

We do special pricing for 18 or more boards.

SNOWMAN markers are best for these and easily cleaned with our whiteboard erasers.

These boards are available in A4 size but has guide lines printed on one side to help with handwriting; made of the same high quality material


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