Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard – “First Choice for Schools!” Multiple Sizes

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PROWITE™ Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard with a robust aluminium frame, honeycomb substrate and galvanised steel back.

Comes in various sizes from 200 x 300mm to 1200 x 3600mm, with Pen tray, Wall fixing kit, Screw cover caps & Instructions.

50 Year Surface Guarantee.

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PROWITE™ Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard, the top of the range in dry erase writing surfaces. The ultimate for high use and when you want a whiteboard that lasts forever! The ideal option for Schools, Offices, Workshops & other high use or harsh environments.

PROWITE™ Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboards are produced using ceramic on steel fired at a temperature of over 800°C giving the boards an exceptionally smooth and durable finish. They have a robust aluminium frame, and a honeycomb core with steel backing. This ensures they always remain rigid, yet lightweight and avoids warping and moisture absorption during humid conditions.
They really are first when it comes premium strength and quality.

PROWITE™ Whiteboards carry a 50 year Guarantee on the writing surface

Ready to hang straight on your wall. The ideal option for offices, classrooms, workshops etc.

Each Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard comes complete with:

  • Pentray
  • Wall fixing kit
  • Screw cover caps
  • Instructions

Care & Maintenance.

To ensure your Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard is always in tip-top condition we recommend using quality SNOWMAN® whiteboard markers. Use a clean whiteboard eraser or microfibre cloth to clear your whiteboard and if it gets oily or smudges then you you should clean it thoroughly with whiteboard cleaner and a clean cloth.

Although the ceramic on steel writing surface on PROWITE™ Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboards is highly resistant to harsh chemicals you must never use any abrasive cleaners on the surface as this could damage the writing surface irreparably.

Here is the complete range of accessories for your Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard.


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1 review for Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard – “First Choice for Schools!” Multiple Sizes

  1. John Stone

    Great quality, whiteboard and easy to install on wall.

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