Music Stave Whiteboard – Multiple Sizes, 4 or 5 Stave

$353.00$995.00 excl GST

PROWITE™ Music Stave Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminium frame, Pen tray & Wall mount kit. 50 Year Surface Guarantee.

Comes in 9 different sizes, and choose between 4 or 5 staves.
900×900 size which is available with 4 staves only

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PROWITE™ Porcelain music stave magnetic whiteboard with a robust aluminium frame, pen tray, & wall fixing kit.

Music boards offer several benefits:

  1. Visual Learning Aid: It provides a clear visual representation of musical notation. As a result, this makes it easier for students to understand concepts like note placement, rhythm, and scales.
  2. Interactive Teaching Tool: Teachers can use a music stave whiteboard to demonstrate musical ideas in real time, making lessons more engaging and interactive.
  3. Collaborative learning: Facilitates group activities where students can work together to compose music.
  4. Versatile: Allows for quick erasing and updating of musical examples, enabling efficient use of time

Laser Etching
We make Laser Etched Whiteboards with printed graphics right here in-house.
Laser Etching is the process used to create grids, maps or pictures on whiteboards. It uses LASER to create very fine, accurate black lines and graphics, melted into the surface making it permanent but unobtrusive.

Laser etching is only done on Prowite™ Porcelain whiteboards so the result is always a superior surface with a 50 Year Surface Guarantee.


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