Smart Magnetic Plaster

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Smart Magnetic Plaster is a high performance, commercial grade plaster which transforms any wall into a smooth and magnetic surface.

Containing 75% magnetite, this is our strongest magnetically receptive product. Use in commercial and residential settings. Particularly suitable for improving poor quality surfaces.

Smart Magnetic Plaster comes pre-mixed. Apply just like any standard plaster. When dry, top with paint, a digital print or wallcovering of your choice.

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Why Buy Smart Magnetic Plaster

Smart Magnetic Plaster is a two-coat high performance commercial grade plaster that allows you to transform any wall into a smooth and high performance magnetic surface. Our plaster is guaranteed to perform as a high level magnetic product for at least 10 years.

Containing 75% magnetite, this is the highest possible magnetic base product available. For best results we recommend applying a total of 2 coats (all included in the tin, pre-mixed). The application steps are easy to follow and can be found here. Looking for an even quicker installation? Check out our full range of magnetic products here.

Magnetic Plaster brings all the benefits of a magnetic surface without the hassle. Throw away your bulky, heavy magnet boards and choose the best performing magnetic wall plaster ready for planning, scheduling, brainstorming, posting, project management, sharing, teamwork and lots more.

Looking to create a magnetic dry-erase surface with only one product? Check out our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper.

We believe our magnetic coatings will change the way you work and create and we even offer a 10 year performance guarantee to give you peace of mind. We supply anywhere in New Zealand. We are based in Hawera, Taranaki and have been supporting NZ businesses and educators for almost 20 years.

Smart Magnetic Plaster is a high strength magnetic coating that allows you to have unlimited space to create and work with. You can turn entire walls into magnetic surfaces quickly and easily. Even better magnetic plaster is safe to use in all indoor environments: offices, schools and homes and can be applied around people as it is low in odour and low VOC. As our ‘magnetic’ products are only magnetic-receptive they will not interfere with electronics around you such as wifi or pacemakers.

Our Plaster is the best product on the market, it’s up to 6x stronger than other magnetic-receptive products available and a lot quicker to apply. Impress your staff or students with the magnetic capability during meetings or day to day work life. With Smart Magnetic Plaster any magnets can be used making it an ideal base coat for schools, homes and offices. For heavy objects we recommend using stronger magnets such as neodymium or rare-earth magnets.


Smart Magnetic Plaster Technical Specifications

  • Coverage / Volume / Weight:
  • 6m² / 3.8l / 10kg
  • Product Colour: Black
  • Product Finish: Matt
  • Magnetic Content: 75% magnetite
  • Odour: None
  • VOC: less than 13g/l
  • Suitable Surfaces: walls, plaster, concrete, wood or any smooth surface

Your kit will include

  • 1 x Magnetic Plaster (6m²)



The wall has been phenomenal. The plaster has been easy to apply (I’ve done it myself).

Mago Studios

The product works great.
We did struggle to get a smooth surface, but I think that is because we had never used a product like this before.
By the last conference room we were doing much better.
Thank you

Kyle Millet, LC | Lifestyle Communities

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