Smart magnetic wallcovering office walls

White Magnetic Wallpaper: What You Need To Know

Are you considering adding a magnetic surface to your workspace or classroom?

Try a white magnetic wallpaper like Smart Magnetic Wallpaper.

These are high-performance magnetic wall coverings that allow you to transform any wall into a smooth magnetic surface. Any wall or room can become a modern, clutter-free and collaborative working area. Think it sounds interesting? Then check out some of the things you will want to know about this white magnetic wallpaper before you pick your product.

What Size Will My White Magnetic Wallpaper Be?

Smart Magnetic Wallcoverings come in custom length rolls of up to 10 sqm. You simply choose your quantity on the product page and add to checkout. Due to the magnetic receptiveness of this wallcovering, it weighs 14.5 kg when out of the box. This is a commercial grade, size and weight product.

How To Apply Magnetic Wallcoverings?

So the next thing you need to know is, how to apply your magnetic wallcoverings.

One of the benefits of this product is how quickly it can be installed. While we would advise you to apply your white magnetic wallpaper horizontally, avoiding any jointing in the middle of the wall where most writing will occur, it can be applied in the same way as any commercial wallpaper.

This white magnetic wallpaper can be rapidly installed to any smooth surface. This is a commercial grade product, designed for workspaces where rigorous use and high performance are expected.

Since this white magnetic wallpaper can be installed so quickly, you will have limited disruption to your working day. Not only that, you’ll be able to use your magnetic wall in just 48 hours.

That makes Magnetic Wallpaper quick to install and ready to use in no time.

For more information, read this step-by-step guide.

It Comes Pre-Primed And In White

One of the first things you will probably need to consider is how your magnetic wall will fit in with the rest of your office. Will it have a grey finish like so many other magnetic products? The answer is no. Smart Magnetic Wall covering is a white magnetic wallpaper.

This means that this Magnetic Wallpaper will fit into your office seamlessly. It comes pre-primed too. This means that if you fancy a magnetic surface in another colour, simply paint it on the top of your wallpaper.

Magnetic wallpaper close up holding up pages

How To Use Magnetic Wallcoverings

Magnetic Wallcoverings are perfect for any office or classroom. Why not have team building exercises at your magnetic wall? Or review campaigns by sticking up analytical data onto your wall and working out which elements were more successful than others.

You can brainstorm, project plan, design websites the choice is yours. There are countless ways for you to make use of your magnetic surface. One last note. Make sure to only use neodymium or rare earth magnets with your white magnetic wallpaper.

You Will Have A High Quality Magnetic Surface

The main reason you are choosing a magnetic product is because you want magnetic functionality. So, this is one of the main things to consider when choosing your product.

With Magnetic Wallpaper, your wall will work better than any magnetic board and you won’t have to worry about size limitations.

This product is perfect for any workspace or school. Update meeting rooms, offices, classrooms, even conference centres and so much more. You’ll have an ideal place to brainstorm new ideas and project plan. The choice is yours.

Magnetic Wallpaper Is Not Dry Erase, But You Can Add This Functionality

As the heading says, Magnetic Wallpaper does not come with whiteboard functionality.

However, you can add dry erase functionality to your magnetic wall in just one step.

Simply top-coat your white magnetic wallpaper with Whiteboard Paint to have a magnetic and whiteboard surface.

Or if you prefer, why not go for a bright colour? Add your colour of choice on top of your magnetic surface and then finish by applying Whiteboard Paint in Clear. The choice is yours.

Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Whiteboard and Projector Products

Or opt for a Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper for double the functionality. You can also check out our triple functionality wallpaper here. 

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