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Magnetic Surfaces: How Strong is Magnetic Paint?

How Strong Is Magnetic Paint?

So first off, how strong can it be?

With this product you can create a magnetic surface in any size you choose. This product has a magnetite content of 50%. This means it has a medium magnetic strength.

Super Magnetic Paint has a magnetite content of 60% which means it is stronger than our regular magnetic paint. This means that if you are looking a stronger magnetic surface, and want to opt for a paint product, then this is the one you should choose.

Alternatively if you are looking a product with very high magnetic strength, we recommend Smart Magnetic Plaster, which has a magnetite content of 67%.

What Can I Hold Up With Magnetic Paint?

So, now you know how strong it is. But what does this really mean?

How much can you hold up with it? How many coats do you need to apply? What magnets should you use?

How Many Coats Of Magnetic Paint Should You Apply?

With Smart Magnetic Paint, you should apply a minimum of three coats in order to get a functioning magnetic surface. However, if you would like to increase the magnetic strength of your surface, you can add up to six coats of magnetic paint.

To create a magnetic surface with Super Magnetic Paint, you should apply four coats in total. This will provide you with a strong magnetic surface.

How Much Can You Hold Up With Magnetic Paint?

But how much can you actually hold up with each of these magnetic products? How strong is magnetic paint in reality?

With three coats you can hold up four pages of A4 paper with one magnet while Super Magnetic Paint can hold up five.

What Magnets Do You Need To Use?

With either product you can’t use regular fridge magnets.

Instead, you need to use neodymium magnets or rare earth magnets.

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How Can I Use Magnetic Paint?

So, now you know how strong Smart Magnetic Paint is, how can you use it?

With both products you can transform entire rooms into magnetic surfaces. A magnetic wall is a great tool for meetings, project planning and brainstorming.

Do you want to add writable functionality to your magnetic wall? No problem, check out Smart Whiteboard Paint.

Here are five ways to use a magnetic wall in your office:

Create a giant magnetic noticeboard
Track projects and project progression against timelines and / or actions
Keep track of important documents by sticking them up on the wall
Share important figures with your whole team
Keep track of monthly targets

Here are five ways to use a magnetic wall in your classroom:

Stick drawings, designs and even equations on the wall with magnets e.g. skeletons for biology, atoms for chemistry, quotes for English lessons, maps for geography. They sky is the limit !
Create learning walls for students to update with their own work
Display students’ work.
Recognise – and share – award winning projectors or performers.
Create an updates wall in your staff room for teachers to use

Now you know how strong magnetic paint can be it’s time to hear more on how you can use it.