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How To Create An Eco Friendly Office

Create An Environmentally Friendly Office By Saving Paper

Are you looking to cut down on the amount of paper your office uses? Here are some of the ways you can save paper and create an environmentally friendly office.

Track the number of pages being printed by each person. Everyone will be able to see exactly how much paper they are using. This will encourage everyone to try and lower their own number.
Make it less convenient to print. Why not try reducing the amount of printers in your office or place them at an inconvenient location. If you and your colleagues will have to make a journey to print you will be less likely to do so unless necessary.
Initiate a recycling policy in your office. Everyone will be more actively involved in environmental initiatives and begin to use less paper, as a result.
Most of all be realistic. You will always need to use some paper in your office. But it is easier to become much more eco friendly and cut back on unnecessary use.

If you find that you are using an excess amount of paper in your office it might be worth looking for an alternative place to write your notes.

What do you do? Why not install functional surfaces into your office?

With products like Smart Whiteboard Paint, our dry erase paint, you can create writable surfaces in any shape or size you want.

You can use your writable surfaces for brainstorming, project management, a monthly calendar. There’s no limit to what you can do. With Smart Whiteboard Paint, meetings have never been more productive. Get everyone up from the table and writing on walls.You can even try stand up meetings.

Reduce the paper usage in your office and create a more environmentally friendly office.

Cut Back on Excess Waste

As mentioned above, recycling is a great way to reduce the amount of waste and creating an environmentally friendly office. Introduce recycling bins for your office to use and clearly identify which one is for glass, which one for paper and so on.

This will help to greatly reduce the amount of landfill waste your office is producing.

You can also be more eco friendly by simply reducing the amount of waste your office produces in the first place. For example, rather than supplying disposable paper cups for coffee, make sure everyone has their own reusable one instead.

If you think about how many people in your office drink coffee a day you’ll realize how even this small step can make a big difference. Your office will be more eco friendly in no time.

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Use Eco Friendly Products To Forget An Environmentally Office

Whiteboard Paint is a one coat dry erase paint that turns any smooth surface into a writable area. You can apply it to desks, walls or even your lockers and doors. But why does adding Whiteboard Paint to your space create a more environmentally friendly office.

VOC and Odor

Whiteboard Paint is both a low odor and low VOC product. This means it does not release any chemicals into the air during application. This, plus the lack of odor means it can even be applied when people are in the office.


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. It is globally recognized as a symbol of sustainable achievement.

Whiteboard Paint has been Independently tested and certified for LEED v4 and LEED 2009 specifications on VOC emissions and/or VOC content by complying with:

VOC emissions specifications in LEED EQ credit “Low-emitting products”:

This means that when you add Whiteboard Paint to your office your building can actually improve its LEED score.


Whiteboard Paint has been independently tested to Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Label which is equivalent of the French A+ standard.


M1 is the short version name of the Finnish voluntary emission classification of building materials. It is the name of the lowest emission class of that system. Whiteboard Paint has been independently tested and certified to comply to this standard.

Replace Un-Environmentally Friendly Whiteboards

Still using old, out of date whiteboards? It’s time to choose a more environmentally friendly solution. After a short time whiteboards can begin to ghost and often need to be replaced. In these instances, they get thrown away and end up in landfill sites.

Whiteboard Paint is a much more environmentally solution. It comes with a product guarantee of 10 years and is non ghosting. This means you won’t need to worry about replacing it. If you do decide you no longer want your dry erase wall simply paint over it and it’s gone.