Innovative whiteboard, magnetic and projection surface solutions, promoting collaboration, teamwork and productivity

Why Choose Smarter Surfaces?

  • Create Engaging Modern Workspaces
  • Promote Collaborative Learning
  • Maximize Creativity and the Sharing of Ideas
  • Encourage Effective Communication
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Trade Customer Programme
  • Excellent Technical and Customer Support
  • 100+ Installations across New Zealand

Smarter Surfaces whiteboard products

Whiteboard Products

Transform your walls and workspaces – or any smooth surface – into writable areas of any size and color. Declutter and modernize your office or classroom for improved productivity. There are endless ways to use your whiteboard wall.

Smarter Surfaces magnetic products

Magnetic Products

Magnetize your walls for better planning, organization and communications. Consider magnetic strength, install speed and surface quality when choosing your product. Topcoat with any paint color, digital print or wallpaper.

Smarter Surfaces projection paints

Projector Paints

Create a projector screen the size of your entire wall with our projector paints. Your projection surface will always be ready to use. Use for presentations and training at work or school. Why not have your own home theater or games room?

Smarter Surfaces magnetic whiteboard and projector

Magnetic ,Whiteboard and Projector

Why stop at one functionality when you can have two? or even three? Enjoy the benefits of a wall or workspace that can be writable, magnetic and projectable. For multiple functionalities, you can combine products or for a faster installation, choose from our range of wallpapers.

Smarter Surfaces can transform any surface into a Whiteboard with our Smart Whiteboard Paint & Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering solutions

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