Smart Projector Paint

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Transform any smooth surface into a high-performance projector screen with Smart Projector Paint. This modern product is a lower cost, yet high performance alternative to traditional projector screens, without clutter or set-up requirements. Use with all interactive, HD and standard projectors. Want to test the performance for yourself? To order a sample just get in touch.

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Why Buy Smart Projector Paint?

Smarter Surfaces Projector Screen Paint is our budget friendly option that guarantees high performance. Unlike regular projector screens, don’t worry about hotspotting with Smart Projector Paint. Ideal for use in offices for presentations, in classrooms with interactive projectors, or at home. Your new projection surface will be ready to use in just 24 hours.

Projector screen wall paint is extremely easy to apply. There is no need to hire a professional, this innovative paint can be applied by anybody. The application steps are straightforward and easy to follow and can be found here.

Brought to you by WhiteboardsNZ, working across all of New Zealand. We have been supporting NZ businesses and educators for over 10 years..

Our Paint allows you to create a projectable surface with no size limitations that performs just like a regular projector screen. One of the many benefits of the Smart Projector Screen Paint is that there is no need for bulky projector screens. You can create your own projector screen that is both aesthetically pleasing as it blends into walls and is ready to be used at all times. Transform and modernise walls, offices and classrooms in one quick and easy application.

We believe our projection products will enhance the way you work and create. We offer a 5 year performance warranty to give you peace of mind. Want to test the performance for yourself? To order a sample just get in touch.

This water-based coating is high opacity to give you the brightest, sharpest images in high definition. Please note: Smart Projector Paint is not a dry erase surface. Looking for dry erase and projector functionality? Check out our Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen.

Smarter Surfaces is an award winning world leader in providing innovative surface solutions. Add fun and function to your work space. This paint can be used with all interactive, HD and standard projectors.

Projector Screen Wall Pant is a high quality alternative to traditional projector screens and outperforms all competitor products. Smart Projector Paint is extremely eco-friendly with no odor and low VOC, making it ideal to apply even when people are working. By using this projector screen paint you will actually be helping the environment by reducing your paper waste.

Not only will your projection surface be ready to use in 24 hours it will also have a seamless white matt finish. As one of the leading products within the market Smart Projector Paint guarantees enhanced collaboration and efficiency in the workspace. Looking for our highest quality projector wall paint? Take a look at our Smart Projector Paint Pro to get a higher quality solution which reflects more light. Looking to create a home cinema? take a look at Smart Projector Paint Contrast.


Smart Projector Paint Details

  • Product Finish – Matt
  • Size – 6m²
  • Reduces hot spotting
  • 5 year performance guarantee
  • Product colour – White (RAL 9003)
  • Create high quality projection surfaces quickly and easily
  • Use Smart White Primer only on absorbent/untreated surfaces
  • Transform any wall or room into a modern, clutter-free working area
  • Can be applied on any smooth surface such as doors, desks, walls and more

Looking for a whiteboard projectable surface? Click here

Your kit will include

  • 1 x Smart Projector Paint (6m²)


How should I apply Smart Projector Paint?

For detailed instructions on applying the Paint please Application Guide



Smart Projector Paint was used in an office area with a high quality Sony data projector. The use of a conventional screen in this space wasn’t really a practical or aesthetically pleasing solution, so your product appealed to us. Apart from the paint actually doing what it said it would do on the box, I was really impressed with the shipping cost and the information provided to us throughout the transaction.

Ava Pacific

Smarter Surfaces Projector Paint is an excellent ready-to-use paint: according to our painter who applied for it, the application was really simple and it covered perfectly the whole surface. The quality of the projection is really high. We use it in our meeting room where we project during our presentations. Thank you


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