Covid Mobile Protection barrier Screen

$1,099.00 excl GST

Covid Mobile Protection barrier screen. Glass (low iron super clear) mobile screen. Aluminium frame with glass infill panel. Can be used as a whiteboard, 50 Year Surface Guarantee. Sturdy steel base with 4 castors – 1.95 metres high. Finished in white powder coating.

Covid Mobile Protection barrier screen is a Glass (low iron super clear) mobile screen. It has an aluminium frame with glass infill panel.  Sturdy steel base with 4 castors – 1.95 metres high by 1.025 metres wide. Finished in white or black powder coating. Also choose any resene colour at an extra cost.

This Mobile Protection screen is a great solution for companies that want to separate the offices keep a visual communication. Consequently the screen protects your staff from Covid-19, as it will not spread the virus around the office, along with not making them feel isolated. As a result the mobile protection wall keeps the office feeling open with added protection.

Use as a Whiteboard

Additionally use this Mobile Protection barrier screen as a quality whiteboard with a 50 Year Surface Guarantee. Easily cleaned with whiteboard erasers or microfibre cloth. Use whiteboard cleaner occasionally to give perfect surface. In addition visual frosting can be added if required as maybe to lower half. Stacked nested together to save room when not used in corner of a room.

Write notes and happy messages to your protection walls, thus keep your employees happy and updated.

Covid Mobile Screen aluminium frames are the same as our CONVO mobile screens for other options. See them under Mobile whiteboards tab.

Benefits Of Covid Mobile Protection barrier Screen

In conclusion these are the benefits of the covid mobile protection wall:

  • Mobile
  • Sturdy steel base
  • Quality Whiteboard
  • Glass – Super clear